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Er... hello.... [Jul. 15th, 2006|08:22 pm]
Raccoons can be Loving!
I don't think I will ever own a raccoon because I don't think I could bare to release them back into the wild after raising it and I have no way of getting one without unjustly taking it. I still love them more than any other animal. I fell in love with raccoons when they wrecked our campsite(strange, I know) We left our camp after having a few drinks and when we came back there were red raccoon tracks(not blood, red drinks) all over. As I headed to my cabin I saw one staring at me from the trees. It was so cute! Later that night we awoke to the sound of something walking on our roof. More raccoons! They were down in the eating area(Turns out someone had left the trash can unlocked) and all around the cabin! There was a kit outside our door. It was calling out to its mom who was either on the roof or eating. The next night we put a smallish grill on the trash can so they wouldn't come back. (I was somewhat disapointed at not hearing their churring on the last night there) but they came back! They tipped over the grill AND the trash can(I believe both at once because the sound could be heard a long way off and was VERY loud) I was impressed. From then on I loved raccoons. I draw them and read about them. I had always dreamed of owning one but knew it was futile. Then I found this community! Even though I can't own one I love to hear stories and experiences about them. It is almost as if I had one myself that way. I know my story is a strange way to begin loving something, but it is true. I wish you all luck with your coons and I wish your coons good health!
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Meeko Poetry! [Jul. 13th, 2006|01:27 pm]
Raccoons can be Loving!

I really miss my Meeko, and in my Creative Writing class we have to write a poem about something.. tragic. Since losing him was tragic, I thought I'd turn it into poetry, and I thought I'd ask coonie lovers what they thought before reading it aloud to my class. :)


When I first saw you,

I knew that I loved you.

You tried to warn me with your eyes,

But your cries of sorrow pulled my heartstrings,

And I could not turn away.

I already knew I loved you,

But I did not know what it would mean if you loved me too.

Yet I held you in my arms that day,

And you wrapped your hands in my hair,

And whispered your pain into my ear.

I touched your face as you opened your eyes,

I happily held you in my arms by day,

I snuck you into my bed at night.

Soon, at the sound of my steps your eyes would brighten,

The sound of my voice brought you running

You leaped into my arms,

Wrapped your hands in my hair,

And whispered sweet nothings in my ear.

I knew one day I’d have to let you go.

So I opened the door for you.

Out you ran in joy of your freedom,

But stopped, and then came back to me.

I cried then when I knew what I had done.

No matter how long the door was open,

You could never leave.

You needed me now, for I had tamed you.

At night you would sleep with me,

Your hands wrapped in my hair,

Whispering your dreams in my ear.

But time changes things.

I had to go and I could not take you,

And you could not understand.

You waited on my bed, all day, all night.

Days became weeks became months,

All the while your eyes fading, heart breaking.

When I came back for you,

It was too late.

I could not feel your hands in my hair,

And I heard nothing in my ear
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still here =) [Jun. 13th, 2006|01:15 pm]
Raccoons can be Loving!

Hey everyone, im still around and so is lucky. Once we get our digi cam working i will post new pics. in the meantime enjoy these
lots of pics!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2006|10:41 am]
Raccoons can be Loving!

I was wondering what raccoons were like personality-wise? In general.

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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2005|02:54 pm]
Raccoons can be Loving!

I have been SO busy that I have not been able to post as much as I would have liked to. I am glad to see people still posting and sharing here. All of lucvky's pictures have been moved off one server onto another so I will upload them again and change the links asap.
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Hey Everyone =) [May. 8th, 2005|09:18 pm]
Raccoons can be Loving!

[mood |awakeawake]

Hi, my name is Arie and I wanted to join up with the community. I'm excited there are others interested in pet coons, (I have one of my own, just a few weeks old). I guess I'll tell everyone how I came about Ren.

And our story beginsCollapse )

Well, that’s my story for now, hope to have some pictures and tell you more about her later.

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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2005|09:22 pm]
Raccoons can be Loving!

okay heres the deal.

i have been obessed with cute little coons for SO LONG. but they are illegal to keep, or breed in georgia, and from what i have heard.. many other states as well.

where can i go to buy one??
and how much money do they cost?

i have read all about their diets, and personality characteristics..

but if you bring them up well socialized are they going to be sweet and cuddly at all?

i want one so bad, and i need help!!
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Meeko Tattoo [Dec. 15th, 2004|05:59 pm]
Raccoons can be Loving!

I have honored my baby in the only way I proudly know how.

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Gawd my coonie is so SWEET! [Dec. 9th, 2004|12:50 pm]
Raccoons can be Loving!

We are getting some home remodeling.repairs done and we had the financing guy over at our house last night to sign the paperwork. (yep.. they came to US).. At any rate Lucky walked up to him and put his little hands on his leg and started kissing his arm. It was so freaking cute!! The he jumped up on the couch and started digging through the finance guys pockets. He loved it! he even let Lucky have his keys to play with and Lucky was very good with them. He didnt bite the keys or run away with them. Just jingled them.

I love my coonie.. I think i am going to go grab him right now and take a little nap.
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Meeko... [Nov. 4th, 2004|10:43 am]
Raccoons can be Loving!

[mood |crushedcrushed]

I have to say, I'm not real pleased with the way my mother has taken care of something that I held so dear to me.
No, not just a silly item either. I took Meeko to her house with the prospect of my grandparents didn't want pets and I didn't want to burden them, and I was afraid for his life and did not want to bring him here. (I moved to Houston for college) So I sent him to my mother's, where she promised he would be well fed and happy.

I remember how much he cried the morning I took him, and that sad look on his face when he stared out the window as I left him. I promised him I would come back. I held him, kissed him, and promised. I had even begun to consider bringing him back with me when I go home for Christmas.

How ironically, that the reason I didn't bring him here, is now the reason I'll never see him again. He was killed by a car. Identified by his little snowman collar that he so often protested wearing, with his little shiny tags that he loved to play with. He was hit by a car two blocks from my mom's house after escaping through the window.

So now I have to live with this feeling that the last thing he must have felt about me was that I abanoned him and that I didn't love him. He must have been so angry with me for leaving him there like that, and not coming back for him. Now I'll never see that little masked face or hear that little chattering happiness ever again.

If anyone says any shit about how it's just a 'pet' I will murder you. Meeko was not a pet. Meeko was probably the closed thing to a baby I'll ever have. He knew I cared about him, and he showerd me with coonie kisses and little love bites. The last thing I saw him do was scream for me when I walked out the door.

I loved him so much, and he probably feels like I just left him.
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