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Meeko Poetry! [Jul. 13th, 2006|01:27 pm]
Raccoons can be Loving!


I really miss my Meeko, and in my Creative Writing class we have to write a poem about something.. tragic. Since losing him was tragic, I thought I'd turn it into poetry, and I thought I'd ask coonie lovers what they thought before reading it aloud to my class. :)


When I first saw you,

I knew that I loved you.

You tried to warn me with your eyes,

But your cries of sorrow pulled my heartstrings,

And I could not turn away.

I already knew I loved you,

But I did not know what it would mean if you loved me too.

Yet I held you in my arms that day,

And you wrapped your hands in my hair,

And whispered your pain into my ear.

I touched your face as you opened your eyes,

I happily held you in my arms by day,

I snuck you into my bed at night.

Soon, at the sound of my steps your eyes would brighten,

The sound of my voice brought you running

You leaped into my arms,

Wrapped your hands in my hair,

And whispered sweet nothings in my ear.

I knew one day I’d have to let you go.

So I opened the door for you.

Out you ran in joy of your freedom,

But stopped, and then came back to me.

I cried then when I knew what I had done.

No matter how long the door was open,

You could never leave.

You needed me now, for I had tamed you.

At night you would sleep with me,

Your hands wrapped in my hair,

Whispering your dreams in my ear.

But time changes things.

I had to go and I could not take you,

And you could not understand.

You waited on my bed, all day, all night.

Days became weeks became months,

All the while your eyes fading, heart breaking.

When I came back for you,

It was too late.

I could not feel your hands in my hair,

And I heard nothing in my ear

[User Picture]From: ikkyo
2006-07-14 06:07 am (UTC)
So touching, really...
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